Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Protect Your Home Carpets From Pet Damages

A home with pets looks brilliant and lively thus promoting a peaceful and active environment that keeps everyone warm. However, pets just like any other animals need to be taken care of and handled carefully as they can destroy the items in your house in various ways. They respire and excrete waste products which can land on your belongings hence leading to health risks and hazards or even cost you a lot if you have to replace damaged property. Your carpet is one of the essential items in your house and vulnerable for destruction from your pets if not taken care of properly. Therefore, if you have pets in your house, then you must implement the appropriate precautions to oversee that your carpet is safe and this is some of the measures you need to implement when taking care of home carpet with pets.

Use stain-resistant carpets
This type of carpet is made with exclusive technology using the strongest fibers available in the fiber industry. It combines a protective layer which gives it the ability to withstand regular vacuum cleaning, usage of cleaning products with strong detergents and chemicals without degrading or losing its value. The carpet is somehow expensive but considering the value of service it offers you, the cost is worthy as you don't need to replace the carpet anytime soon. It can last a long period, and the protective layer minimizes the penetration of spillage that might cause the odor to a higher rate.

Cleaning Pet Urine

Pet urine can produce several health hazards to the dwellers of the home. If let to accumulate in the house, it can release an odor that releases toxic substances such as bacteria and ammonia which result in allergies. These toxic substances can also destroy your carpets and should be removed on the spot. You need to use paper towels to absorb the urine before you perform any cleaning.

You need to spread the paper towels and press on the carpet for some minutes, and when it absorbs maximum urine, you need to remove it and continue the process with a new paper towel till most of the urine is absorbed. You should then use cleaning detergent with enzymatic cleaners and spread it on the urine spot, brush gently in circular motion to prevent the destruction of the carpet fibers and in an outward direction. Rinse the place and use a wet vacuum cleaner to vacuum the place, this will remove most of the urine, and after that, you can spray baking soda air freshener to remove any traces of urine left behind. This ensures that the urine does not stain your carpet.
Trim your pet's nails

Pets like scrubbing on things when they are excited using their nails and paws. If you are not keen on what your pet does, you may find that some parts of your carpets are more fluffy than other parts. Therefore, you need to trim the nails of your pet so regularly as it is not easy to make them stop scrubbing. Use a special nail cutter made for pets, trim their nails and smoothen the rough edges left on the nails using the nail file. This will keep your carpet safe from pet damages and will spare you going at a loss when you replace your carpet frequently.

Regular vacuum
Another means of protecting your carpet from pet damages is to ensure that you wet vacuum your carpet at least twice a week. The advantage of using wet vacuum over steam vacuum is that steam vacuum release heat which may encourage the urine to settle deep into the carpet fibers that may result to release of endless odor that you can't even detect the source. When you make sure that there are no traces of the urine on the carpet, your pet will get used to using the litter box for excretion needs. If there are some traces of its urine, your pet might be tempted to pee on the same spot again. You should train your pets to use the litter box at all times as this will save you the tough work you need to perform on your carpets.

Install tile entrance

When you're spreading the carpet on your house floors, you should ensure that you leave some inches away from the wall. This area should be constructed with tiles where your pets can shake away the dirt when they come in from the outside before landing on the carpet. Your dog or cat may go outside and come back when rained and having mud on their feet. You need to make them shake off the dirt and mud and even the furs on the tiles before landing on the tiles. You can wipe them off using a towel, and with time they will get used to the routine and adopt the practice that they should not on the carpet while dirty and every time, your pet will wait for you to wipe them off before they enter the room.

Professional assistance
If your carpet has stubborn stains on your pets, you can call for professional assist who can help you remove the stain. The good thing is that experts have the skills and have the appropriate equipment required for deep cleaning. They know the right cleaning product and chemicals to use when cleaning your carpets. Substances like pet urine can penetrate deep into the carpets thereby provide breeding places for harmful microorganisms like bacteria which can eventually destroy your carpets. The simple cleaning you usually employ may not completely remove these substances, but a professional carpet cleaner can employ high standard mechanisms to remove these speckles.


If you don't want to go at a loss when you have to replace your carpet as a result of damages from your pets, you have to take precautions. You need to observe the above measures when taking care of home carpet with pets and never let pet stain relaxed on the spot but remove them immediately, and this will ensure your carpets lasts long. Perform regular cleaning using the recommended cleaning products for your carpets and observe all the prevention tips for your carpet and save extra money that can be used for important matters rather than replacing your carpets now and then.