Tuesday, 17 October 2017

How often You Should clean your carpet

How often should you clean your carpet? Carpet cleaning is probably not a thing you should think about on a daily basis. In case you find yourself thinking about your carpet, and it’s frequency of cleaning, you should consider three things.

The amount of time mentioned below are ideas which are based on maintaining your carpet looking clean, for a long time. To get the best life out of your carpet, you need to clean it before it begins to show any signs of dirt. Soil collects into your carpet fibers over time and causes your carpet to wear prematurely.

Untidy carpets are not only stuffed up with grime and pollutants, but they also look bad. The dirt particles play or act like a rough surface, which breaks down the carpet (material) fibers when you step on them. This is the reason why it is essential to tidy up the mats regularly. Below, I’ll share some of the carpet cleaning savvy with you.

This is the best technique to keep your carpets and doormat spotless clean. All you need to do is vacuuming them in a slow back and forward repetitive moves. Carpet cleaning experts say that you should take about 15-20 minutes to vacuum a 300.sq foot space thoroughly. By using this method, vacuuming cleans 83% of the dust and fine dry soil in the carpet. Vacuuming is recommended to be done twice in a standard household.

Professional cleaning
When it comes to Professional carpet cleaning, it requires a guide and a lot of advice. It is good to know that the lifespan of your carpet is extended when you have it cleaned by professional carpet cleaners at least once annually. Most carpet cleaning services and company advice that steam cleaning method is the most convenient. The steam is forced deep into the carpet material and sucks the dirt out and the numerous impurities and dirt we collect on our footwear. Steam cleaning also eliminates most of the moisture. Therefore, the carpet dries relatively fast. It is always good to consult your carpet manufacturer before carrying out the cleaning.

DIY steam cleaners

It is common as another new day is born, there arises that your carpet needs an immediate washing. For large amounts of accumulated dirt, DIY steam cleaners work. However, carpet cleaning experts caution that you should not use the washing solution that is attached to the cleaning device (steam cleaner). The soapy residue that is left behind by the cleaner attracts dirt. You can always use water and boost it with a little amount of white vinegar or a drop of blue dawn dish chemical detergent. It is also recommended that you should take caution not to use a lot of water when using the DIY steam cleaner. The moisture left in the carpet causes mildew and bad smell (odor).

In case the emergency cleaning is caused by muddy footmarks, here’s a simple, time-saving tip offered by carpet experts. Take your time and let the mud to dry up. Scratch the already dry mud off the carpet and then proceed to vacuum. Wash the remaining traces of dirt with the steam cleaner or with a drop of Dawn solution and water.

Put into consideration about the amount of traffic your carpet gets. If more people steps on it, the traffic is more. Generally speaking, a home with eight individuals needs to clean the carpet more often than a home lived by a couple or a person living alone. A home carpet with less traffic can hold for a period of two or more years between professional carpet cleanings. On the other hand, a big family can decide to take the carpet for cleaning after every nine months. In case you have youngsters in the house, availing professional cleaning services every 9-12 months on average is a good move. Without doing this, you can’t tell what the kids may have tracked in when running around the field and depositing the dirt in the carpet fibers.

What if you keep pets in the house? A house with indoor animals is supposed to have the carpet cleaned professionally every 6 to 12 months and most often if the pet is not fully controlled. Most frequent carpet cleanings are done for the homes with indoor pets because animals normally shed fur and dander on your carpet. Vacuuming your carpet frequently extends the time necessary between professional cleaning services. Frequent vacuuming relates cleaning to three or more times in a week. Your carpet cleaning company is capable of offering you an “every six-month” plan.

Homes are different in any particular region. Unless you have obtained a carpet warranty to hold on to, there is no scientific fact to the amount of time that you should allow between professional carpet cleaning services. Therefore, you need to follow the guidelines stipulated in the warranty note and make sure you keep the records of your qualified cleaners. However, you can as well use your best decision to know or decide when you need to have your carpet cleaned by an expert service provider.
Ensure you keep in mind the amount of traffic and who is the most probable contributor of the traffic – pets, or people, or just both? Remember that when your carpet begins to look dusty, it’s high time you have to consider it for cleaning.

Finally, your carpet requires professional cleaning. You can, however, save money by alternating DIY cleaning and professional cleaning. Ideally, the do-it-yourself approach is far less expensive, but it cannot be as effective as the professional cleaning procedures since expert cleaning services involve a significant amount of time and a lot of work. Beware of the following most common ways DIY (and inexperienced cleaners) damage carpets:

a) Over-shampooing
b) Over-wetting and
c) Failing to protect the wet carpet from furniture

Always remember that keeping your carpet clean offers many advantages for your lifestyle and home. A well maintained clean carpet is a common feature and a basic foundation of a stylish, comfortable and cozy home decor. You need to ensure that your carpet is clean and beautiful. It’s, therefore, necessary to have it serviced by a professional on a daily basis.