Tuesday, 17 October 2017

How often You Should clean your carpet

How often should you clean your carpet? Carpet cleaning is probably not a thing you should think about on a daily basis. In case you find yourself thinking about your carpet, and it’s frequency of cleaning, you should consider three things.

The amount of time mentioned below are ideas which are based on maintaining your carpet looking clean, for a long time. To get the best life out of your carpet, you need to clean it before it begins to show any signs of dirt. Soil collects into your carpet fibers over time and causes your carpet to wear prematurely.

Untidy carpets are not only stuffed up with grime and pollutants, but they also look bad. The dirt particles play or act like a rough surface, which breaks down the carpet (material) fibers when you step on them. This is the reason why it is essential to tidy up the mats regularly. Below, I’ll share some of the carpet cleaning savvy with you.

This is the best technique to keep your carpets and doormat spotless clean. All you need to do is vacuuming them in a slow back and forward repetitive moves. Carpet cleaning experts say that you should take about 15-20 minutes to vacuum a 300.sq foot space thoroughly. By using this method, vacuuming cleans 83% of the dust and fine dry soil in the carpet. Vacuuming is recommended to be done twice in a standard household.

Professional cleaning
When it comes to Professional carpet cleaning, it requires a guide and a lot of advice. It is good to know that the lifespan of your carpet is extended when you have it cleaned by professional carpet cleaners at least once annually. Most carpet cleaning services and company advice that steam cleaning method is the most convenient. The steam is forced deep into the carpet material and sucks the dirt out and the numerous impurities and dirt we collect on our footwear. Steam cleaning also eliminates most of the moisture. Therefore, the carpet dries relatively fast. It is always good to consult your carpet manufacturer before carrying out the cleaning.

DIY steam cleaners

It is common as another new day is born, there arises that your carpet needs an immediate washing. For large amounts of accumulated dirt, DIY steam cleaners work. However, carpet cleaning experts caution that you should not use the washing solution that is attached to the cleaning device (steam cleaner). The soapy residue that is left behind by the cleaner attracts dirt. You can always use water and boost it with a little amount of white vinegar or a drop of blue dawn dish chemical detergent. It is also recommended that you should take caution not to use a lot of water when using the DIY steam cleaner. The moisture left in the carpet causes mildew and bad smell (odor).

In case the emergency cleaning is caused by muddy footmarks, here’s a simple, time-saving tip offered by carpet experts. Take your time and let the mud to dry up. Scratch the already dry mud off the carpet and then proceed to vacuum. Wash the remaining traces of dirt with the steam cleaner or with a drop of Dawn solution and water.

Put into consideration about the amount of traffic your carpet gets. If more people steps on it, the traffic is more. Generally speaking, a home with eight individuals needs to clean the carpet more often than a home lived by a couple or a person living alone. A home carpet with less traffic can hold for a period of two or more years between professional carpet cleanings. On the other hand, a big family can decide to take the carpet for cleaning after every nine months. In case you have youngsters in the house, availing professional cleaning services every 9-12 months on average is a good move. Without doing this, you can’t tell what the kids may have tracked in when running around the field and depositing the dirt in the carpet fibers.

What if you keep pets in the house? A house with indoor animals is supposed to have the carpet cleaned professionally every 6 to 12 months and most often if the pet is not fully controlled. Most frequent carpet cleanings are done for the homes with indoor pets because animals normally shed fur and dander on your carpet. Vacuuming your carpet frequently extends the time necessary between professional cleaning services. Frequent vacuuming relates cleaning to three or more times in a week. Your carpet cleaning company is capable of offering you an “every six-month” plan.

Homes are different in any particular region. Unless you have obtained a carpet warranty to hold on to, there is no scientific fact to the amount of time that you should allow between professional carpet cleaning services. Therefore, you need to follow the guidelines stipulated in the warranty note and make sure you keep the records of your qualified cleaners. However, you can as well use your best decision to know or decide when you need to have your carpet cleaned by an expert service provider.
Ensure you keep in mind the amount of traffic and who is the most probable contributor of the traffic – pets, or people, or just both? Remember that when your carpet begins to look dusty, it’s high time you have to consider it for cleaning.

Finally, your carpet requires professional cleaning. You can, however, save money by alternating DIY cleaning and professional cleaning. Ideally, the do-it-yourself approach is far less expensive, but it cannot be as effective as the professional cleaning procedures since expert cleaning services involve a significant amount of time and a lot of work. Beware of the following most common ways DIY (and inexperienced cleaners) damage carpets:

a) Over-shampooing
b) Over-wetting and
c) Failing to protect the wet carpet from furniture

Always remember that keeping your carpet clean offers many advantages for your lifestyle and home. A well maintained clean carpet is a common feature and a basic foundation of a stylish, comfortable and cozy home decor. You need to ensure that your carpet is clean and beautiful. It’s, therefore, necessary to have it serviced by a professional on a daily basis.

Monday, 25 September 2017

All You Need To Know About carpet cleaning and its benefits

A carpet is a terrific accessory which can quickly increase the total look and ambiance in an area. Unfortunately, it could get filthy as well as unclean frequently. This is usually true if you do not know the best ways to set about in cleaning it properly. Carpet cleaning is a task which every house owner must grasp to sustain and also look after the carpet properly.

Recognizing what to do to clean the carpet ought to be on the order of business of every carpet owner. It will certainly help sustain the appearance of your carpet as well as contribute to keeping its top quality as well as a problem. To figure out the basics of carpet cleaning in your home, look into the advice listed below.

Moving the furnishings around when vacuuming is vital to obtain your carpet clean thoroughly. So that all the carpet location is washed, you must concentrate on the entire thing and also not merely the exposed areas. The place underneath the furnishings could end up being unclean and also be more susceptible to accumulation if you don't clean it appropriately. Therefore, you might have a problem with its problem and also quality in the future.

Cleaning up the spills and also spots on the mats must be done quickly. The faster you clean the carpet spots as well as messes, the far better. This is considering that if you wait an extended period before cleaning it up, it could obtain deeper into the rug and resulting in it ending up being relatively difficult to clean.

There are many advantages of Carpet cleaning such as the improved appearance of your home, the extended period of your carpet and the improved health of your family. To be convinced of the benefits of the carpet cleaners, you have to know that the carpets may retain different sources of various indoor air pollutants which include pet dander, cockroach allergens, particles pollution and lead, dust and dirt. Toxic airborne may adhere to such particles, and they can be trapped in the carpet. 

The rug cleaning can help to clear out the dust mite infestation. Many homeowners may not be aware if they have the infestation in the home since these creatures are microscopic. The dust mites by themselves are not allergens, but their body fragments and the feces are allergens. Because these allergens are small, when they are disturbed, they can be inhaled, and this may lead to allergies. The upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning uses the system called steam cleaning, and this exposes the mites to the high temperatures at which the mites are not able to survive.

If you live in the area with humidity, then you can prevent the mold growth by the use of the steam carpet cleaning. During the precipitous weather, the moisture may be tracked in the home, and it may sink deep into the carpet fiber if it is not vacuumed or dried at once. If your carpet is cleaned on a regular basis, it can reduce the cases of mildew growth and mold since the company has high power with drying ability that may annihilate the moisture. If you eliminate the mold, you will be preventing the mold growth that can turn harmful to your health in case they are ignored for too long.

The tile and grout cleaning with the carpet cleaning is the best way that you can maintain the good condition of your home. The benefits that you will get if you look for a professional to clean your home are many, and you will feel good when you walk on the carpet that has been cleaned. If you are concerned about the effect of the steam carpet cleaning to the environment, you can always find the company that meets all your expectations. The use of the hot water is friendly to the environment, and only hot water is used to loosen up the particles and to sanitize your carpet and to remove all the stains.

Despite the modernism and change of perception of individuals, there are many myths associated with the process of carpet cleaning. Here are few myths that have been prevailing since olden times, but do not apply in current times.

Frequently cleaning the carpet makes the fabric look dull and lifeless.
Whether it's steam cleaning or foam cleaning or dry vacuum cleaning; nothing is harmful to your carpet. The process of vacuum cleaning utilized by the carpet cleaners is the safest and most convenient methods to get your carpeting cleaned.

If the carpet is not looking dirty, it is ok to get it cleaned after a long time.
Carpets are made up of fine fibers hence the dust particles easily stick to these fibers and cannot be seen through naked eyes. The air has bacteria, fungi, smoke from car fumes, sometimes cigarette smoke and many pollens, etc. These particles get settled on the surface of the carpet and make it dirty.

Any cleaner having the cleaning kit can handle the job.
This is certainly not true. With the cleaning kit or equipment, the skill to use that kit correctly is also important. Experience counts in every field, and this is the case in carpet cleaning as well. Carpet cleaning company uses truck-mounted cleaning machine, which is quite effective, and they have experts to use that machine. It is a waste of money to spend huge bucks on carpet cleaning.
Finally, not every time the low-cost service is perfect and genuine. It is true that we should compare the rates of all cleaners before finalizing the one, but this should be done wisely. If you are getting excellent services at a little higher price, then don't hesitate to opt for it for the sake of your loved carpet!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Proper Carpet Maintenance Through Professional Cleaning

Carpet can increase the magnificence of your floors. To ensure it gives this magnificence, carpet maintenance in terms of carpet cleaning is required. However, keeping them clean is genuinely a dubious occupation. Cleaning the carpet requires a lot of capacity and tolerance to be done precisely. 

Carpet cleaning not simply helps in expulsion of stains and dirt yet reestablishes lavishness of the carpet. Below is a guide on various types of carpet cleaning services, benefits of choosing professional and how to choose the right professional. This will enable you settle on an informed choice.

Carpet Cleaning Services Types

This is most likely the slightest compelling carpet cleaning service type to go for. It includes using special cleansers for specifically carpet cleaning and fomented with a machine. The carpet is then dry vacuumed to extricate the applied shampooing fluid.

This shampooing cleanser contains deodorizers and brighteners that leave the carpet looking great and new. However, though apparently clean, a lot of microorganisms and dirt stay put in the carpet and return in a matter of seconds a while later.

Dry Cleaning
This is certainly more preferred service type for carpet cleaning since you do not have to wait for your carpet to dry. It is performed by covering the carpet with an exceptional cleaning cleanser that is intended to pull in earth and microorganisms like a magnet. Once the cleaning powder is worked through the carpet, it is then altogether vacuumed away.

Foam cleaning
The carpet cleaning type is a hybrid of dry cleaning and shampooing. It uses negligible measure of water and some frothing cleanser that draws in dirt. The froth is then completely worked into the carpet and afterward dry vacuumed, extricating the majority of the water, dirt and cleanser while at it.

Bonnet carpet cleaning service
This service is used regularly in business structures. It does not work extremely well in private homes as it is intended to reestablish or keep up the presence of mechanical carpeting as opposed to give profound cleaning.

Moreover, this service is possibly harming to home carpet strands. It is performed by applying a kind of a compound cleanser to the carpet being cleaned and afterward using spongy cushions on a revolving cleanser machine to extract dirt.

Steam carpet cleaning
Steam carpet cleaning service is the best of all service types for carpet cleaning you can ever choose. Most expert carpet cleaning specialist makes utilization of this technique to make your carpet shimmering clean.

The technique uses an intense machine to infuse a mixer of heated water and cleanser into the carpet being cleaned. The blend is then removed leaving your carpet looking great and new. The best part is that it evacuates as much of the microorganisms and dirt as could reasonably be expected.

Why go for Professional Carpet Cleaning Services 

If you are in a dilemma whether to employ an expert carpet cleaning organization or not, below are the benefits they offer.

Advantage from their experience 
Cleaning organization gives master carper cleaners who have hands on understanding on a scope of deck. From needle felt, tufted, level weave to woven carpets, cleaning specialist organizations can offer finest cleaning arrangements utilizing most recent types of gear.

With their help, you carpet can say farewell to the intense stains. They make utilization of the types of gear and arrangements that work best for your carpet.

Spare time 
Though one can spare a minimal expenditure yet the endeavors and time put resources into carpet cleaning is twofold. Experts from a cleaning organization take up this assignment all the time and are all around familiar with the courses for most extreme carpet cleaning in least time.

You may need to spend the entire day attempting to clean the recolored carpet of yours and experts will dash through a similar work in couple of hours with better outcomes. If time is cash for your situation, then employing specific carpet cleaning administrations is a superior alternative for you.

Limiting dampness 
Despite who is cleaning the carpet, you will discover measure of overabundance dampness in it after the cleaning is finished. If the dampness remains for long, it can destroy your carpet. Professional carpet cleaner will utilize mechanical fan for drying the carpet so it goes away rapidly. Utilization of these fans limits mildewing hazard.

Diminishing well-being dangers 
Carpet cleaners can blend up the sensitivities and can posture health hazard to you. What's more, you would not have the capacity to figure whether the individual who leased the cleaner before you, cleaned it legitimately while returning or not. Maybe they smoke vigorously and have pets.

If machine were not cleaned appropriately, it would spread those germs, pet hair on your carpet at the season of cleaning. By enlisting an expert cleaning organization, you can avoid such issues, as they ensure that the machine is cleaned appropriately before utilize.

Thorough cleaning 
Vacuuming and spot cleaning does not make carpets look new and clean totally. Regardless of whether it is at home or office cleaning, proficient carpet cleaning administrations won't neglect to add to your pleasure. Dissimilar to spot cleaning, you can now appreciate thorough cleaning.

Each bit of your carpet will smell and feel crisp with the assistance of specialists. You won't locate a solitary area of your carpet, which is not clean. Best of all, you won't need to strive for cleaning your carpet now.

Choosing the right Professional Carpet Cleaner

In order to get the above benefits, you have to choose the right professional. How do you go about it?

Experience is the component that you need to look carefully while searching for an expert for your carpet cleaning. The truth of the matter is each carpet cleaning proficient that you would go over would attempt to highlight their skill and also would attempt their best to get contracted by you.

Be that as it may, the fact of the matter is with an unpracticed expert, there is no assurance of an immaculate result. Subsequently, essentially employing somebody on the premise of unimportant cases can't be considered as a practical choice.

You may much ponder with the accomplished ones one also can't be sure about their capacity factor. Regardless, the basic thought that the expert can brag his time of experience positively is an incredible guaranteeing perspective which you can't get with somebody attempting to learn at work.

You may consider carpet cleaning to be a little necessity which should be possible by anybody however this is really the greatest misguided judgment you have about the entire procedure. The truth of the matter is it is critical for you to enlist an expert with significant information if you are really eager to have your carpet back in its most ideal appearance.

Keep in mind, carpets are not subjected to a comparative sort of cleaning strategy and that is a result of the differences in the surface. Fundamentally, carpet cleaning is totally in light of surfaces. In this way, make a point to check whether the expert knows about the complexities of carpet cleaning techniques or not.

Applicable types of gear
One of the most basic perspectives that offers consummate cleaning to carpets are the right supplies. In this way, you have to guarantee to ask every expert you counsel with regardless of whether they have the required types of gear with them. However, it's a given for experts to have the correct types of gear yet what you have to investigate is the nature of the supplies.

Quality experts
Generally, individuals search for moderate choices while searching for a carpet cleaning proficient and which is all well and good. You ought to contract somebody complimenting your pocket however in the meantime you ought not to overlook the quality part.

If you are considering, having a reasonable carpet cleaning proficient is a savvy choice, and after that you should reevaluate about it. Yes, in fact it's great to have a pocket cordial expert however it's positively not a sensible choice to organize sensible cost over quality.


Employing a solid carpet cleaning administration for your home or office will end up being a period and cash sparing occupation that will offer crisp looking and all around sterilized carpets. Professional carpet cleaners will utilize the best attempted and tried strategies that will evacuate the dirt, stains, microorganisms and other particles from the carpet.

This will give the carpets another rent of life that will upgrade your property's feel and indoor air quality. Great carpet maintenance through investing on a dependable carpet cleaning administration for your home or office carpet will prove to be worth at long run.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Carpet

A carpet is a very important property of every room. Keeping the carpet clean represents a very important part of making the room clean. Carpets are known to collect liquids, dust and any other impurities in the air. Since carpets get dirty easily, carpet cleaning should be a routine activity in every premises.

A dirty carpet will not only lead to a short lifespan but also lead to insect invasion in the house and also an allergic reaction of the people living in the house. Cleaning your carpet can be simple and sometimes complicated depending on what you are cleaning. Some carpet cleaning does not require hiring a professional company as can easily be done by the owner. All the person needs is the right vacuum cleaner, a cleaning product and some know how on cleaning the carpet.

Some of the tips of taking care of your carpet are:

1. Always make sure you clean your carpet immediately it is stained. The longer it takes to clean the stain the harder it will be to remove it.

2. Always use cleaning detergents that are approved for carpet cleaning. Any other product in the market might damage the carpet.

3. Try and vacuum your carpet regularly to prevent dust and soil from embedding itself completely.

4. Consider professional cleaning at least once every year.

As noted above, cleaning your carpet has a lot of benefits. Some of the obvious benefits include:

1. Elimination of the trapped pollutants
A dusty carpet can be a very big source of indoor pollutants. These include lead, cockroach allergens, particle pollution, dust and several other forms of dirt. Toxic gasses can also be trapped in the carpet. The toxic gasses can easily be released posing danger to the occupants of the premises.

2. Helps prevent mold growth
Some areas in Singapore have a lot of humidity which can make the carpet grow mold if regular cleaning is not done. Moisture trapped in the house can sometimes sink deep in the carpet which can lead to mold growth if not cleaned immediately. Mold is a big health risk to every occupant of the premises if not cleaned in time.

3. Helps in cleaning dust mite infestation
Dust mite can be in the house without yourself noticing. As much as they are not allergens themselves, the feces they leave behind and their body fragments are. These small particles can easily be inhaled when there is a disturbance on the carpet. Steam cleaning the carpet exposes the carpet to a very high temperature which the dust mite are unable to survive on.

There are different carpet cleaning methods that professionals use in cleaning carpets. There are many factors that influence the method to be used in cleaning. Some of the factors which affect the method used are cost, environment condition, the type of carpet fiber and the degree of soiling.

1. Steam cleaning
This is a common method of cleaning which is also known as hot water extraction. The hot water is heated to the boiling point then injected into the carpet under high pressure. The hot water injected loosens the dirt making it easier for the cleaning machine to draw bath the dirt and the water away. This method is very effective in remove any odor and killing any dust mites that might be on the carpet.

2. Carpet dry cleaning
This method uses no water. The dust trapped on the carpet is pulled out by the vacuum cleaner. This method is popular as it dries carpet very fast compared to the other methods.

3. Carpet shampooing
In this method of cleaning, a foamy chemical is sprinkled on the carpet and motorized by a brush through a circular motion. The method is very effective for carpets that are heavily soiled. Carpets must thoroughly be vacuum cleaned to remove the soils and later dried well. Steam cleaning is more effective compared to carpet shampooing.

There are several companies in Singapore offering carpet cleaning services. For a person thinking of hiring a professional company to do his/her carpet cleaning, it is important to consider a number of factors before settling down on a particular company. Getting the right company might be the difference between getting your carpet well cleaned or getting a poor job that can easily shorten the lifespan of your carpet.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing a carpet cleaner are:

1. The reputation of the company
Knowing the reputation of the company is very important as this will give you an idea of the past jobs the company has done. You will be able to know whether the company has done the kind of service you are looking for in the past. Reputation gives you the confidence that you are choosing the right company.

2. Pricing
As much as it should not be the major factor, pricing is very important as it will determine whether the company falls within your budget. It is also important to get a company that will give you a fair price at the same time do a good job. Balancing the two must be done to avoid going for a company which will do poor work at a low cost.

3. Skills and equipment
Go for a company that is well equipped with the modern technology to clean your carpet effectively. Carpet cleaning can sometimes be very complicated if a company does not have the right equipment. The right equipment must also be accompanied by professional staff who are able to handle customers and their work in the most professional way as possible.

4. Registration
Always hire a company that is registered to do your work. A registered company will always offer insurance to the owner of the company if something goes wrong during cleaning. Make sure the company is well registered and certified to do cleaning services.

5. Reliability
Choose a company that is reliable in their cleaning service. The company should always be available whenever you need their services and give you the outcome you expect every time they clean your carpet.

In conclusion, proper carpet cleaning is the most important part of taking care of your carpet. It is always important for the cleaning to be done with either a professional or with a person who is very much conversant with carpet cleaning.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Facts To Consider When Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet not only helps to decorate a house but it also helps to keep them warm. In fact, a study that was conducted recently by a credible research firm revealed that houses and offices that have carpets are usually more homely and welcoming when compared to those that don’t. There are many benefits of having a carpet in your home or office. However, having a carpet can also have a negative effects if they are not well cleaned. It is therefore very important ensure that your carpet is cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis by a reputable carpet cleaning company. 

However, with so many carpet cleaning companies in Singapore each claiming to deliver quality services to their clients, many residents are usually confused on which option to choose. If you want your home or office carpet to be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company and you are wondering the qualities you should look for when choosing one, today you are in the right place because in this article, we will give you tips on factors to consider when choosing a carpet cleaning company.

1. Consider their previous work
When looking for a carpet cleaning company, it is very important to first check their previous projects. The best way to know if the carpet cleaning company has what it takes to give you quality services is by taking your time to see if their previous work is of high quality. Schedule for a visit to see if the company has the right resources to clean your carpet to perfection. Carpet is a very sensitive and if is not well cleaned, it can easily transmit dangerous disease to people around the houses as well as pets. Don’t compromise on quality, take your time to investigate the carpet cleaning company before you make your final decision.

2. Consider the company’s experience
There number of years that the company has been operation is also a crucial factor to consider when looking for a carpet cleaning company. Cleaning company is a very competitive industry in Singapore. This means that companies that don’t offer quality carpet cleaning services to their clients cannot survive being in operation for long. In addition to that, a company that has been operation for long has handle many carpet cleaning scenarios that are similar to yours. They have experienced staff who can eliminate even the toughest stains that your carpet may have. It is advisable that you choose a carpet cleaning company that has more than 5 years’ experience in this industry. Inexperienced companies usually charge lower price to lure people to use their services. However cheap can sometimes turn out to be very expensive. You better spend more but get quality services that you will be happy with.

3. Consider quality of customer care given
The quality of customer care given is equally as important as the quality of service given. In addition to looking at the quality cleaning services offered by the cleaning company, it is crucial that you choose a company that is always ready to offer you quality customer care services. Choose a company that has customer care department that is always ready to listen to customers and offer them satisfactory solutions. If you want to know if the company has customer care department that is friendly, make a call to inquire about their services and see how they will respond to you. If you don’t like their response, then don’t even think of hiring their services.

4. Ask for referrals
This is also a very important factor that is often overlook by many people. Asking for referrals will not only help you find the right carpet cleaning company but will also help you know the quality of services to expect when you hire that particular carpet cleaning company. Ask a friend, a colleague or a family member who has used the services of a professional carpet cleaning company and you liked the quality of services that they rendered. However, you need to very careful not follow all referrals that you are given blindly. Conduct your own background research to verify if the carpet cleaning company that you have been referred to has what it takes to render quality services.

5. Consider the company’s reputation
What are other clients saying about the carpet cleaning company that you are considering to hire? Are they happy with their services or did they get disappointed? The best way to know if the carpet cleaning company that you are considering to choose enjoy good reputation is by talking to some of clients who have used their services. You can also visit the company’s website and read the reviews of customers who have used their services to know their views. Ensure that you choose a company that has positive reviews from pervious clients.

6. Consider the price
Many people don’t often take this factor seriously. Although prices should not be the main factor to consider, it is very important to choose a carpet cleaning company that renders their services at a price that you can comfortably afford. If you don’t consider the price being charged, you can end up getting stressed when you later realize that their prices is way too high for you. The price that the company is charging should be relative to the services that they offer. Don’t just assume that if you choose a company that charges high prices for services, then you will automatically get quality services. That is why is important to ask for a quote first.

7. Make sure the company is licensed and insured
In Singapore, only those companies that offer quality services to their clients have been licensed. This is because the laws that have been put in place by the government are strict. Make sure you inquire to know if the carpet cleaning company has been licensed. Don’t just stop there, double check with the relevant body to know if the licensed is genuine and valid. Experts also recommend that you choose a company that has been insured. This will ensure that you get compensation if the company ends up damaging, exchanging or losing your carpet.