Friday, 14 October 2016

8 Tips On Keeping Hotels Carpets Clean

One of the worries that a hotel owner has to face regularly is deciding how to keep the room carpets clean. When it comes to removing dust and debris from the carpet fabric, a regular vacuum cleaner should get the job done, but what about those nasty stains that come from spillage of drinks or just simple carelessness? Well, the job of keeping the carpets clean and maintaining a hospitable environment is an ongoing process rather than a one-time affair; so, you must be prepared to keep the hotel's aesthetics for the long run.

Here are eight vital tips that you can follow to ensure that all the carpets in your hotel are squeaky clean and ready to make an impression on the guests.

1. Choosing the right carpet: The carpets you'll be needing are greatly dependant on the amount of space available in each of the rooms. For corridors, stairways, and other public spaces, it is wise to invest in durable carpets because these places will see plenty of footfalls and wheeled traffic such as trolleys. For guest rooms, however, the prime consideration should be on aesthetics rather than durability because you'd want the rooms to have a unique appeal. As far as cleaning is concerned, the durable carpets are obviously meant to handle dirt and other waste material better than room rugs.

2. Having your equipment: You may choose to get the carpets and laundries clean through an external agency but in the long run, having your own cleaning equipment will allow you to get the job done efficiently while saving money. Vacuums, steam cleaners, and other machines can clean dirt right out of the carpets so that you don't have to replace them often. There are also ways in which you can remove the damp, musky smell from the carpets so that the rooms feel fresh and are ready to welcome the guests with an enticing aroma.

3. Clean frequently: A lot of times guests do not want housekeeping services because it may cause a disturbance. In such a case, make it a point to clean the carpets as soon as the guests check out so as to present nice and clean carpets to the guests that arrive next. Even though there are many methods of cleaning, both straightforward and complicated, a quick vacuum is enough to give a clean appearance and get rid of accumulated dirt, dropped foodstuff, and other dry waste. Since asking the guests to be careful in their room is not an option, you must take the initiative to ensure frequent cleaning is carried out.

4. Following the five-step process: In case you didn't know already, most commercials hotels and guesthouses follow a five-step cleaning program to maintain their carpets and linens. In this comprehensive program, the five steps are soil containment, vacuuming, spot removal, interim cleaning, and finally deep cleaning. Each of these measures has their own merit and plays a major role in giving you the cleaning results that every hotel owner desires. This process should be performed based on traffic levels and scheduled at least once every week.

5. Focusing on the right areas: The front lobby of a hotel is where most traffic is at, and plays a vital role in making a stellar first impression on the guests. The carpets in this area require the most attention and should be cleaned at least twice each day to ensure that guests to do have to step on dirt to make their way into the rooms. You should get this area cleaned in the early morning hours when there's the least amount of traffic. Daily diligence is a necessary ingredient that plays a pivotal role in differentiating between a prim and proper hotel room and a shady joint.

6. Carpet shampooing: There are special quality shampoos available that can effectively remove every kind of dirt and is ideal for heavy duty cleaning. Even though this method is effective in removing stains, it does leave behind quite a bit of foam that becomes difficult to remove and dry the carpet consequently. This process can also make the carpet sticky because no rinsing is usually carried out after shampooing. Use this process at your own discretion and obtain precaution while doing so.

7. Hot water extraction: Also popularly known as carpet steam cleaning, this method of carpet cleaning removes soil and other dirt from fibers. It combines the use of hot water and great force of vacuuming to remove excess of water and other contaminants. Hot water method is one of the common ways in which carpet cleaning companies service their clients. The process consists of applying a type of cleaning product on the affected carpet areas, using a brush to loosen the dirt and contaminants, followed by a thorough rinsing. After rinsing is done, vacuuming is done to remove leftover moisture and dry the carpet.

8. Encapsulation carpet cleaning: In this process, synthetic detergents are used that dry to form a power like substance. It is hugely popular today and is even preferred over carpet shampooing because it doesn't involve the use of hot water which makes drying the carpet tough sometimes. This process is also popular because it is more eco-friendly and does not leave behind any toxic residue or other substances that may be harmful to humans and the environment. You can safely use encapsulation to carry out scheduled cleanings and not have to worry about toxicity levels of the carpets.

You may also alternatively hire a company to do the cleaning for you, but be prepared to shell out a larger amount than usual because Singapore is an expensive place. The best for you to keep the carpets clean without going overboard on the budget would be to stick to these tried and tested eight methods that have proved to be effective in many different hotels and other hospitality organizations.The importance of pleasing your guests is of utmost importance because repeat customers are those who will ensure that you stay in the business for a long time.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Carpet Spot Removal Tips

Whether it is your home or office in Singapore, to make it comfortable, it is important to cover the floors with carpets. Try to imagine walking barefoot on a soft fabric after a tiresome day with your feet enclosed in high heels or closed shoes. Of course, it is such an awesome welcoming experience. Apart from this, carpets also give your house or office an elegant look. 

Though the carpet looks to be nice, it has been a big challenge for Singaporean homeowners to keep them spotless. Keeping your carpet spotless makes it new all the times, and you, therefore, need to know some spot removal tips that can get you do the cleaning with ease. Many people in Singapore usually think that vacuuming is all when it comes to carpet maintenance, but this has never been the case. You are just lucky to land here because you are going to learn some detailed tips on spot removal for your carpets. Take a look at the following spot removal tips that will help you even in other carpet related problems.

1. Vacuuming
You can use this spot removal tip regularly depending on the use of your floor. Vacuuming helps so much in prolonging the life of your carpet apart from just removing the stains. Regular vacuuming will prevent any build-up of gritty particles that may cut the fibres of the carpet. In addition to spot removal, vacuuming can remove even the tiniest sand particles that might have accumulated under your carpet for long. It is, however, vital to note that this spot removal tip works best only for high traffic areas like hallways, entrance rooms, and living rooms. For the carpets that are located in the fancy guest parlour or storage rooms, less vacuuming is required. Maybe once a week as opposed to that of high traffic rooms which may require vacuuming twice to thrice a week.

2. Use Correct Cleaning Solution
As soon as you notice a spot on your carpet, try to use a recommended cleaning solution to it. Using other unauthorised cleaning detergents may damage your carpet causing you more loss than gain. To know the right solution for removing spots from your carpet, ensure that it does not produce too much foam. The solution should also not leave any sticky residues on the carpet after cleaning. This will prevent your carpet from attracting more dirt to your carpet.

You can use baking soda as a spot removal solution. The importance of baking soda is that it not only removes the spots and stains but it also removes any funny smell, pet odour, and any other related smells. It has also been shown that the use of baking soda is friendly to the environment, and it is not expensive. It is also safe even in the presence of children and pets, and that is why many Singaporeans have decided to use it. It is also advisable that you do vacuuming on the next day after applying the baking soda to your carpet.

3. Use Methylated Spirit
This is an important tip, especially if the spot is an ink stain. Before you implement the methylated spirit, first dry up the ink immediately it spills on your carpet. You can then wipe the area of the stain with a methylated spirit. Do not hesitate to spray the area with a carpet stain remover as well. You need to keep on wiping until all the spot disappears. However, fountain ink may not be easy to disappear as such, and you need therefore to be a little creative. For this case, you can dilute the fountain ink with a soda water and wash it out as much as you can. You can then apply some soap flakes and wait for it for about fifteen minutes. Ensure that the soap flakes is warm. After fifteen minutes, clean it off again.

4. Do the Cleaning Immediately as it Occurs
Immediately you notice that there is a stain on your carpet, clean it. This tip is crucial because it will help you take less time in removing the spot rather than waiting for it to dry that may take you much time to remove later. Remember that the longer the stain takes on your carpet, the more it get stuck on the fabric of your carpet and the harder it becomes to remove. Therefore, as soon as you notice a spot on your carpet, use the available spots removers in the stores to do away with the stain.

5. Do Pre-Treating to Your Carpet
If at all you realize that the spot has stayed on your carpet for a long time, it is advisable that you do pre-treating before you can carry out carpet cleaning. This tip of spot removal is also applicable where you realize that the stain is too much, and the carpet is too dirty maybe because you never knew how to go about it before. Take a pre-treatment solution having an applicator wand and spray it on the spots of the carpet. After spraying the pre-treatment solution, you can now leave it for a while to work on the spots. Do the spraying following all the instructions that are on that solution bottle. You can then wash the carpet in the usual way.

6. Hire the Professionals
Sometimes you may not know how to do spot removal by yourself. In this case, it is advisable that you hire the experts to do the work for you. The importance of this is that the carpet cleaning companies in Singapore have all the necessary machines and the expertise to make sure that the job is done quickly and in a proper manner. In case you realize that spots on your carpet look to be permanent, and you fear that you might destroy the carpet when you do the cleaning by yourself then this is the best way to go. The professionals always know the right solutions to use, and they will always leave your carpet new again even if it look to be too old.

Carpets usually give every room an awesome look but cleaning it is not that easy. It is, therefore, critical that you know these facts and tips to remove the spots from your carpet. The most important thing to know is the type of the stain. After knowing the different types of stains that have spilled on your carpet, you can then know the right method to use. Some of the most common stains are grease stains, ink stains and coffee stains. After knowing the exact stain type, you can now start conducting the spot removal activity.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

8 Myths On Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of the inevitable activities required of every homeowner although it should never be a daunting process. There are various ways to go about cleaning your carpet which includes hiring professional carpet cleaners. However, even after this still leaves various issues of concerns. For instance, carpet cleaners use different cleaning methods ranging from jet-splash to hot water and carpet steam cleaning. Before you choose your carpet cleaners, it is important to note the cleaning methods they will use. While each method has its unique pros and cons, there also exist several myths about different aspects of carpet cleaning. Here are 8 common myths spread about the steam cleaning process:

1. Carpet steam cleaners are better than truck-mount cleaners

This is one of the common misconceptions, or simply purported promotions aimed at luring more clients to purchase a given product. It is popular for manufacturers to highly promote their brands and models in favor of all competition in the market. While steam cleaners are obviously very effective, no single portable carpet cleaner is better than a truck-mounted cleaner. Truck-mount cleaners are 10 more expensive than the most expensive portable steam cleaner and use 2-2.5 inch horses an inch more than your best steam cleaner. They are simply not a match.

2. It is less effective than dry cleaning
Many people tend to assume dry cleaning is better than methods that leave your carpets moist. This is because most have had encounters with less-skilled cleaners who fail to apply adequate vacuuming. Wet carpets quickly lead to growth of mold which is very difficult to permanently eliminate. However, all that mess can be avoided if proper vacuuming is done to ensure there is no moisture residue after cleaning. With sufficient drying, steam cleaners are just as powerful (if not more) as your ultimate dry cleaning method.

3. Leaves no residue
Carpet steam cleaning is obviously one of the best ways to clean your carpets and upholstery without calling in large trucks and horses. However, it has been caught between the lies and myths projected by advertisers. No single cleaning method that uses a pre-heating treatment, or post cleaning neutralizer leaves no residue. If there is soap involves, or some kind of treatment to balance the pH, then there is definitely residue to deal with. All cleaning methods leave some residue.

4. Leads to quick depreciation of your carpets
There are people who think you should take much longer before cleaning your carpets using steam cleaning equipment. Their claims, your carpet fabrics will be damaged and tarnished too soon. The truth is that steam carpet cleaners are very effective in removing all the stain and only a few alternatives can match it. Letting your carpets get dirtier will sabotage their longevity as the dirt become harder to remove calling for more aggressive cleaning procedures and/or solutions. Steam cleaners on their own do not wear your carpets.

5. Makes cleaning a whole lot easier
Carpet steam cleaning may ultimately make your fabrics brighter and cleaner. However, the process is never going to be any much easier than other techniques. In fact, there is more to the task than is let on by the promotions. How long does one actually need to clean to get rid of the grime and stains (1 minute, 5 minutes)? When you actually compare most methods, there is a slight chance you will get any significant difference in the effort used. It is more like using your own hands and you have to be committed to the activity.

6. The process may reduce your carpets stain resistance
It has become common for manufacturers to include stain protectors on the fabrics of our carpet which is a good addition. However, there is much hype about the seemingly little enhancement element as it is being used to delay that first carpet cleaning process. Using steam carpet cleaner does not make the carpet less resistant to staining since that is the work of the actual stain and grime accumulating on the carpet from your decision not to clean them in time. It is advisable to frequently clean off stains without worrying about dropping stain resistance.

7. Removes all bacteria
Some allergy reports have backed different types of carpet and upholstery cleaners as best equipment for removing allergens and bacteria during the cleaning process. Steam cleaners clearly remove most of the bacteria and allergens that make you sick. The heat itself provides an “all germs dead” illusion but this is never the case. Try as you can, no steam carpet cleaner will eradicate all bacteria from your carpets. There is no way you will banish bacteria using just the carpet cleaner. It depends on how dirty the carpet is, how many spots, how long you clean a given area and many other aspects. There is a difference between splashing hot steam on a cold surface and heating the surface to a temperature which does not allow any more bacteria survival.

8. Steam cleaners are outdated
Due to a lot of criticism of steam cleaners majorly witnessed between 2012 and 2014 when steam cleaners failed to meet their hype, many have grown to dislike them. In fact, some have suggested that carpet steam cleaners are already a thing of the past and clean no better than your mop. This is quite far from the truth; technology keeps advancing and steam cleaners have consistently become better, making cleaning more effective. Steam cleaners are modern equipment that offers several advantages and they are also portable. They are much better than mops and take less effort than other alternatives besides offering quality outcome.


Carpet steam cleaning is a perfect way to go about removing dirt, grime, stains and bacteria from your carpets at the expense of a cheaper price. However, achieving this still requires professional insights. It is important to keenly review the products you get before spending your money. Not all portable steam cleaners will depict desirable attributes. What’s more, you should make a habit of choosing credible, licensed professionals with a good reputation and years of experience in the business. This way, you can be sure of high quality services that will meet your unique demands.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

6 Weird Carpet Cleaning Methods

Singapore is a country where almost every home uses a carpet. There is a huge chance that you also have a carpet in your house, that’s why this article about the weird carpet cleaning methods caught your eye. You might think that some of these methods are absolutely quirky, but all of them really work. You don’t need to go to your carpet cleaner right away, especially if you only have small stains on your carpet. You can take care of the stains immediately. However, it is still advisable to have your carpet regularly cleaned by the professional carpet cleaner to make sure that all the harmful elements such allergens, embedded dirt and debris, and other things that might harm you and your family are thoroughly removed.

1. Use WD-40 for the spilled ink on your carpet
WD-40 is popular for silencing the squeaks and other things, and you can also use it to remove the stubborn ink spill on your carpet. You need to act immediately for this method to work. Spray the WD-40 onto the stain. Let it sit for one to two minutes. You can use your usual carpet cleaner at home or gently cleanse the stained area with warm, soapy water and sponge. You might need to repeat the process again until the stain is completely removed.

2. Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia can effectively clean your carpet
If you can’t tell what kind of material caused the stain on your carpet and you want to remove it right away, then you can use the hydrogen peroxide solution. You need to use 3% hydrogen peroxide in preparing the solution. Mix a pinch of cream of tartar or a dab of regular toothpaste (non-gel) to 1 teaspoon hydrogen peroxide. Mix well to create a paste. Use a soft cloth when you apply the hydrogen peroxide paste on the stain. Rinse the stain and you will see that the stain is completely gone.

You can also use ammonia to lift out the stains from your carpet by mixing 2 liters (1/2 gallon) of warm water and a cup of clear ammonia. Get a sponge and soak it in the water-ammonia solution and press the wet sponge on the stain. Get another sponge and press it against the stain to absorb or lift the stain from the carpet. Let it dry completely, and repeat the process if needed.

3. Shaving cream for the spilled juice
If you think that using shaving cream is a weird carpet cleaning method, then you are not alone. You can give it a try or not, but it is effective in removing stains caused by spills.

If someone spilled a juice on your carpet, it is only natural that your initial reaction is to get angry. Good thing that everything can be fixed in a jiffy with some help from the good old shaving cream. You just need to pat the stain with your wet sponge, put some shaving cream on it after patting the stain with the sponge, and then wipe it clean using another damp sponge. Shaving cream can also be used on oil stain and grease by rubbing the cream into the stain. Let it dry before rubbing it off using a damp cloth.

4. Use vinegar in removing carpet stains
It is understandable if you are a bit apprehensive in trying this method because of the strong vinegar smell that will cling on the carpet. Don’t worry because you can easily remove the nasty smell right away.

There are different vinegar solutions that you can try and you just need to choose the one that you want to use.

a. Vinegar solution for light carpet stains – you need to dissolve 2 tablespoons salt in 1/2 cup white vinegar. Apply the solution on the carpet stain and let it seep through the carpet and let it dry. You can vacuum it afterwards.

b. Vinegar solution for darker stains – you need to mix 2 tablespoons borax, 1/2 cup white vinegar, and 2 tablespoons salt. Mix them well. Apply the mixture on the dark stain on your carpet and allow it to dry. Vacuum it afterwards.

c. Vinegar solution for tough stains – you need to mix 1 tablespoon cornstarch and 1 tablespoon vinegar. Mix them well until they turn into a paste. Rub the paste solution on the stain using a clean, dry cloth. Make sure to thoroughly rub the solution into the stain. Let it sit for two days before vacuuming your carpet.

d. Vinegar solution for spilled paint – you need to mix 1 1/2 teaspoons each of laundry detergent and vinegar, and then add 2 cups tap water to the mixture. Sponge the paint away using the solution and rinse everything with cold water. You need to make sure to sponge it away before it sets deeper into the carpet.

You can remove the nasty smell of vinegar on your carpet by airing the carpet out for about three hours. You can also put baking soda on the area of your carpet that received a vinegar solution treatment. Let the baking soda sit for 20 minutes before vacuuming it.

5. Use the kitchen staples such as cornstarch and milk in cleaning your carpet
Another weird way to clean your carpet when someone accidentally spilled ink on it is to use milk and cornstarch solution. You can use 1:1 ratio of milk and cornstarch to create a paste solution. You can add more starch if your mixture still does not look like a paste. Apply the paste solution on the ink stain. For this carpet cleaning method, you need to let the paste solution dry completely for a few hours. Brush off the dried paste and use vacuum to suck everything up.

6. You can use beer to remove the stain caused by coffee or tea
If you need to get the tea or coffee stain off of your carpet, let some beer help you put an end to your problem. Gently rub the beer into the carpet and see the stain practically disappear before your eyes. You may need to repeat the process, especially if you are dealing with a stubborn stain, to completely eliminate all the marks of the stain.

Keep these weird carpet cleaning methods handy because you will never know just when you might need to use one of the said methods.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

How to Keep Carpet Clean With Pets Around?

A majority of the houses in Singapore have their floors covered using carpets. This is because they make the environment inside the house friendly, warm and healthier. The carpets usually get dirty at times and hence need to be cleaned in a regular manner. However, in homes that have pets or small children, the carpets usually get dirty quickly. They therefore need to be cleaned more often as compared to the homes that do not have any pet. Carpet owners who also double up as pet owners usually have a challenge in maintaining their carpets clean. They have to put with challenges such as stains, stubborn odor of pet urine as well as strands of hair from their dogs. What actions should you take to maintain the cleanliness of your carpeted home when you have a pet around? Below are some useful preventive steps that will ensure that the homes do not get dirty as quickly as they do normally.

Drying their Paws before they come inside
You can prevent the spread of dirt from outside to the inside of the house by ensuring that you always have a clean towel by the door to wipe the paws of your pets. This towel should be used to dry their paws in order to wipe off any dirt they could have collected outside there before they re-enter the house. This will ensure that none of it ends up inside your home. Most of the animals kept in the houses will find this experience annoying and will try all manner of tricks to evade it but you have to be firm. This will ensure that your carpet will be free from any stains that could be caused by the dirt particles or mud they could be carrying on their paws. Ultimately your pet dog will learn that they are not supposed to get into the house without having their paws wiped. You will find them waiting for you to wipe the dirt off first before they re-enter the house.

Using Pet-safe Spray Carpets cleaner
This is one of the easiest carpet cleaning solutions for people who keep pets in their homes. This spray is usually used on the area where the dog or cat had an accident earlier after first of all removing all the excess moisture and debris from the area. The spray should then be sprayed over this area and then the area should be wiped clean.

Installing an Entryway made of tiles
Pet entryways and doorways ought to be made with floor tiles as it will act as a good barrier to prevent anything they collect from the outdoors from getting indoors. This idea of having tiles in between the rooms of the house gives the animals room to shake off any mud, dirt or grass they could have come into contact with while outside in order to avoid stains getting to your home carpets. Cleaning a floor tile takes minimal effort when compared to taking your carpet out there for cleaning.

Choosing Carpet Runners and area rugs
Investing in a great are rug or runners to be placed on top of the carpets in the house can transform any home to become pet-friendly. This would ensure that the carpets are protected from the pet urine whenever urination occurs. In case of any accident by the pets, these smaller rugs are easily cleaned as they can be tossed into washing machines and get them back in their spots within no time.

Vacuuming Regularly
Carpets require to be vacuumed on a regular basis on a normal basis and in case one has pets then it would be important for the carpets to be vacuumed more regularly. This would result in the prevention of dust and dirt from accumulating on the carpets and thereby prolong their lifespan. Regular vacuuming ensures that any amount of dirt that lands inside the house does not get time to settle on the carpet fibers. This may lead to it becoming an air pollutant which would cause a health risk to the house inhabitants.

Washing the Pets Regularly
It would be important to ensure that each pet in the house is cleaned regularly to ensure that they remain clean every day. They are very much like human beings in that their bodies perspire and also get dirty more so when they go outside and take part in any outdoor activity. During their bath time ensure that you thoroughly wash their feet to ensure that they will be clean when they enter the house and lie on the carpets.

Toilet Training Your Pet
Just like young children need to be toilet trained to help them avoid urinating on themselves, pets also need to be toilet trained. This will be necessary as it will prevent them from urinating on every corner of the house. Pet animals like dogs always mark their territory by urinating on some particular spots. If they are not trained that they can only relieve themselves outside they will end up marking their “territories” in several spots inside the house. This would stain the carpets in these rooms.

Attending to accidents or spillages immediately
Whenever your pet accidentally soils or urinates on the carpet, you should ensure that these accidents or spillages are attended to immediately in order to prevent stains forming. Mild detergents ought to be used when removing such stains in order to protect the fibers from the harsh chemicals found in stronger detergents. After the cleaning is done ensure that you add some baking soda over these spots that are damp for it to dry the spot and also absorb the odor that may result from the stains.

Getting professional Assistance
You can get help from one of the various professional carpet cleaning services companies found in Singapore in tackling your smelly and dirty carpets caused by pets. In case your attempts at cleaning your carpets at home fail or the stains are more than you can handle it is advisable to seek professionals to clean and treat your carpets. Seeking their services helps in extending the lifespan of your carpets.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

11 Tips On How To Deodorize Carpet

Almost everybody in Singapore use carpet in their homes. As a house owner, you would never like your home to have dirty carpets. Well you can manage that for few days if it doesn’t look that dirty. Infection causing sources come with dirt sometimes and sometimes not. You can take various other precautions other than sanitizing the carpet to stay away from getting infected from various diseases. The above mentioned conditions can be avoided for the time being and or postponed. If your carpet gives bad odour, there is no way out. Neither you nor your guests can accommodate with that. It will be quite suffocating for you. You will be highly embarrassed in front of your guests. The problems of the smelly carpets can be intolerable if you have them in an air-conditioned room. This article lists 11 tips on how to deodorize carpet.

1. Ventilation is great way to let the air out of your room and deodorize Carpet
It is a good practice to push the air out of your room every now and then. It is will help you breathe fresh air even when you are inside the room. You should do this more often when you are having a smelly carpet in your air-conditioned room. For achieving so, you need to simply open the closed windows and doors. Apart from that you can you can switch on the ceiling fan. The fan drags outer air t inside and pushed the inner air to go outside. If you continue this once in a while, you don’t need to be worried about the filthy smell of your carpet.

2. You need to clean your carpet often to get rid of the smell
It is always good to clean the carpet at regular intervals. If the carpet is at your home, you may clean the carpet at least once in a month. If the carpet is at the place of your business then you need to clean it at least once in week. Generally the carpets with huge amount of footfalls should be cleaned regularly. You can use any conventional method of cleaning your carpet. If you are not able to clean your carpets regularly by yourself, then you should ask for any sort of professional assistance to your local carpet cleaning service providers.

3. Make vacuum cleaning a habit
Dusts take such a form n the carpet that your carpets start to smell like filth. Vacuum cleaners are the best assets to clean the dust of the carpet. It is pretty simple to use the vacuum cleaner. You might have experience in cleaning your bed and couches. You need to employ the same tactics while cleaning your carpet with the help of a vacuum cleaner. The dust will go off the carpet and hence the smell.

4. Using soil retardants on your carpet is a good way of getting away with bad smell
Soil and dusts are the main reason to turn your carpet in to a smelly one. Most of the professionals make use of the soil retardant on the carpets. You can also try the same procedure like that of the professionals. So, the next time when you go on buying a new carpet, don’t forget to buy soil retardants. These will not only keep your carpets off soil but also save your carpet from smelling bad.

5. Baking soda is a very good option to combat the bad odour of your carpet
Your kitchen is the storehouse of baking soda. You don’t need to go to market to buy that. You simply need to sprinkle the baking soda over the carpet. You should zero in on the areas of your carpet which have nasty smell. Baking soda is very effective in combating the smell. Let the baking soda remain the n the carpet for about 48 hours. Then you can clean that with a broom.

6. Vinegar is very effective on strong smell
Vinegar is often used to remove smell from the carpet. It is used often to remove stronger smell out of the carpet. You should take a piece of cotton and put some vinegar on it. Then you should rub the cotton on the carpet. You should allow the carpet to absorb vinegar for about 30 minutes. The smell will go off with that. Then you can use a piece of cloth wet with water to clean the carpet.

7. Use borax to remove both stain and odour
While drinking juice or eating any eatables, you tend to put those on the carpet. Those stick to the carpet forever and become a reason for smell of your carpet. Borax is an agent commonly used to clean the spots on the carpet. You need to follow the above technique of using vinegar to use borax as an dour remover.

8. A mixture of salt and alcohol remove both stain and bad smell in just 20 minutes
You just need to mix one part of salt with four parts of alcohol to prepare a solution. You should remember that whenever you are using any solution to clean or remove odour from the carpet, either you need to use a piece of cloth or cotton to soak the liquid. Then you are going to use the soaked cloth on the carpet for odour removal treatment. You should wait for 20 minutes to see the results.

9. Spot solution is always a good solution for carpet odour problems
Whenever you are eating something and you are putting the eatables on the carpet, you should immediately clean off the carpet to save you from the unnecessary hard work that you are going to do afterwards to remove the odour from it.

10. It is better not to walk on the carpet with your shoes on
Shoes carry dust and soil to your home. Apart from that those carry many smell causing substances. It is better to enter your home by removing your shoes outside.

11. You can always seek professional help to deodorize carpet
When thing go out of your hand, you should never for or delay to call the professional services. They can fix your problems within no time. You shouldn’t make it so late that you may have to dispose your carpet completely.