Friday, 27 November 2015

9 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid During The Chinese New Year

One of the core preparations for the Chinese New Year is super cleanliness. As you keep flipping the calendar pages, the preparations get more intense for you and other Singaporeans in equal measures. Well, your carpet is definitely one of the most conspicuous in-house items that you own. Accordingly, it dictates the aesthetic value of your house to a considerable degree. As you clean your carpet ahead of the next CNY, watch out and avoid the following mistakes like a plague.

1) DIY Syndrome
Cleaning your carpets by yourself is not a completely bad idea if you are a do-it-yourself king of guy. However, Singapore is filled with professionals whose expertise is solely carpet cleaning. Hiring such professionals to clean your carpet have countless benefits that certainly outweighs the little amount of money they will charge you. First and foremost, they offer you a chance to benefit from their error-free service that ensures the safety of your in-house belongings. Secondly, you can claim for compensation in case of any damages especially if such damages are occasioned by their negligence.

2) Infrequent cleaning

The major flaw of infrequent carpet cleaning is excessive accumulation of dirt which has the following disadvantages:

- You may have to expend an extra cost over and above the normal rates to clean an unusually dirty carpet.

- Due to many stains, you may damage your carpet through aggressive scrubbing in an attempt to remove the stains.

- Getting the super clean carpet that you desire for the CNY may never be practicable
Effective carpet cleaning therefore requires a planned strategy rather than spontaneous cleaning especially only ahead of valued occasions. For an great carpet cleaning plan, bear in mind the dates of important ceremonies such as CNY so that you get your carpet cleaned a bit earlier.

3) Renting Carpet Cleaning Machines

Many rental carpet cleaning machines are rarely serviced after usage by the customers. The problems that arise thereof are twofold; First, they may break down while in your hands hence unnecessary compensatory expense. Second, you may actually spread infectious dirt from the previous user to your house which is the last thing you would tolerate during your celebrations. So as much as purchasing your own cleaning machine may be costly, it is a way better idea if you have to clean the carpets by yourself

4) Allowing Spills to Dry Up

A significant fraction of the most difficult stains to clean are just some spills that you ignored to clean the first time you spot them.
Avoiding spillage on your carpet is no easy feat especially if you have children and pets in the house. Most of the spills are usually food stuff like tomato sauce that are way easier to clean before they dry up. In order to celebrate the the Chinese New Year with a clean carpet, a long time effort to keep cleaning any mess to the carpet right on the spot is therefore inevitable. As a rule of the thumb: Do not wait for CNY, clean throughout the year.

5) Carpet Deodorant Misuse

Your carpet must not only look super clean for the CNY but it also has to smell divine. There are countless carpet deodorants in Singapore which can help you to achieve this. However, carpet deodorants cannot be used interchangeably with carpet cleaning agents. Applying deodorants to a dirty carpet does not clean it but only adds to the pile of dirt indirectly. Therefore, the most effective way of using carpet deodorants is to lightly apply them to the carpets only after cleaning.

6) Excessive Scrubbing

Just like I mentioned before, cleaning your carpets by yourself may prove to be handy. This is particularly so if the carpet has very strong stains. You may therefore be tempted to scrub it too aggressively in order to remove the stains. The consequence of this is damage to the carpet and fading. There are only two ways out of this: You can either use a more appropriate detergent for the stain or get it done by a professional.

7) Last Minute Rush

Let's be honest here: When did you become aware of the dates of the next Chinese New Year? Well, even if you realized it is around the corner just a week in prior, that is your choice. What matters here is that on the eve of the first day of celebrations, you will definitely have your head filled with many other preparations to accomplish. It is therefore important to do the preparations that are more involving like carpet cleaning a little earlier. This is easily achievable through planning, as already discussed above. CNY is a highly esteemed yearly event that you cannot afford to mess with just because you began your preparations late. Just clean your carpet early enough.

8) Failure to Evacuate the Rooms

As much as the cleanliness of your carpets matter so much, you cannot achieve it at the expense of your other in-house belongings. You must make sure you move all the furniture, utensils and what have you. Ideally, the room where carpets are to be cleaned should be completely empty. Even more important is the evacuation of kids and pets from the spot. The reason for this is to protect them from the carpet cleaning agents which may pose danger to them. Remember pets and toddlers alike have the habit of tasting virtually anything they come across. So watch out or you will 'celebrate' CNY by nursing your kid in the nearby hospital ward.

9) Applying too much water

Steam cleaners are the most common carpet cleaners which usually clean carpets through water extraction method. You must make sure that you apply the precise amount of water required whenever use these cleaners. Getting your carpet overly wet may damage its underlayment among other consequences like bad smell, shrinkage, fading or discoloration. It is also important make sure that the carpet is properly dry within one day since any longer period of wetness may trigger the growth of molds. Moreover, you probably have a tight budget for the CNY already and adding another expense in the name of a new carpet is definitely out of question so take care of the old one.